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Family Owned  |  Family Operated

Eat Right Vending, LLC is a family owned and operated healthy alternative to the traditional snack, beverage, and convenient meal vending machines.  Headquartered in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, our vending machines are of the highest quality and they are made right here in the United States.

There’s Absolutely No Need To Sacrifice Great Taste To Enjoy Healthy Options

“We all snack sometimes, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to select traditional junk food when the urge hits,” says our founder, Irina Collins.


“This mindset is at the core of our values.  There’s absolutely no need to sacrifice great taste to enjoy healthy options.  Our purpose is to provide access to those great tasting, healthy options, and to do so in a way that is both convenient and affordable for our customers.”


Eat Right Vending, LLC is New Jersey’s resource for healthier snacks, beverages, and convenient meals.  Our healthy vending machines are state of the art machines that look great and are easy to operate.  They provide people with what they are looking for regarding more nutritious, better-for-you food and drink alternatives.

Ryan Tested … Vika Approved


We are a family business.  We take great pride in that fact.  We personally test every single product that we ultimately select to be carried in our healthy vending machines.  Our testing not only involves a great deal of learning about how each product has been made and what ingredients are used, but as you might imagine, quite a lot of taste testing as well.  Many families can relate to how difficult it can be at times to get children to eat healthy with so many poor choice alternatives surrounding them out in the everyday world.  When it comes to fussy eaters, our son Ryan and our daughter Victoria definitely top the list.  When they prefer one of our healthy snacks or beverages to a candy bar or soda, that says something.  We stand behind what we do, and if Ryan and Victoria love it, you know it tastes great.

Personalized Service + Commitment To Excellence


We are committed to providing every location that we serve with exceptional service, as well as food and beverage options that will exceed the expectations of our customers.  With thousands of product choices in the healthy snack, beverage, and convenient meal marketplace, our team selects and brings you the best of the best.  We do the research and the legwork to provide you with great tasting options that will help you get through your day.  Not only will you be surprised by how great our selections taste, you won’t believe how much healthier they are than the traditional junk food that so many of us turn to because there is no other option available when a snack attack hits.

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